2018-10-01 Jerome to Pete

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First thoughts on blending the oralate and the literate for a new form of education

Dear Peter

You were complaining about the hole in the jaw [due to a recent extraction]. I have only six premolars and four molar. If I were a horse no one would take me as a gift.

I felt I must be quiet for some days and think after reading what you emailed me. I have also been trying to organize myself after my finished marking session. I approve all that you have done as it has also given me some ideas to use in future. What I appreciate the most in our paper is the learning that comes with it.

I am trying to think like somebody who knows nothing about Eurocentric education but it is difficult. I have thus embarked on an exercise of blending three things with the hope of saying how our hybrid education should be:

  1. I am looking 15 global challenges - as I hope that our reason of feeling that our education needs revamping, learning and unlearning certain aspects comes from the challenges we are facing globally.
  2. I am looking at the Critical Cross Field Outcomes- as they aim to address some challenges.
  3. I am also looking at Ubuntu- as a an oralate contribution to education.

I have decided to give you an idea of what I am trying as I believe we are now on the stem of our Y at the 'we' stage. We believe that. . . . Any suggestion would be appreciated.

I will send you what I have done as soon as I feel good about it no matter how it is.

I hope to hear from you.

All the best

- Jerome

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