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EJOLTS Tenth Anniversary JUNE 2018

I want to work and research co-operatively from within the EJOLTS communities of the Editorial and Development Teams to create a 10th Anniversary Issue of EJOLTS that will become part of the living-legacy of EJOLTS in contributing to the generation of living-educational-theories and to Living Theory research as a social movement.

I began teaching in 1967 at Langdon Park Comprehensive School in London's Tower Hamlets and became a Lecturer in Education at the University in Bath in 1973 with my final doctoral supervisions at the University in 2012. Since then I have been a visiting professor in education at the University of Cumbria, where I continue with [[1]]doctoral supervisions.

Having read Ilyenkov's (1977) text on Dialectical Logic, with his question, 'If an object exists as. living contradiction what must the thought (statement about the object) be that expresses it?', I coined the idea of a living-educational-theory as an explanation of an individual's educational influence in their own learning, in the learning of others and in the learning of the social formations that influence the practice and understanding. You can access most of writings between 1976-2017 from:


with the majority of the living-theory doctorates I have supervised at:


These include some 32 successfully completed Living Theory doctorates between 1996-2012.

My current explorations of January 2018 [[2]] and August 2018 [3] include the use of digital visual data to clarify and communicate the meanings of embodied expressions of the ontological values that are used as explanatory principles in explanations of educational influences in learning in contributing to Living Theory research as a social movement. Hence my question:

How can I enhance my contribution to Living Theory research as a social movement?[4]

In this research I am also infuenced by Joy Mounter's doctoral enquiry How can I (do I) contribute to the creation and enhancement of the educational influences of a community of learners, supporting each other and their own development?'[5]

Having worked and researched co-operatively with Jacqueline Delong and Marie Huxtable in our planning for our workshop at the 10th World Congress of the Action Learning Action Research Association in Vermont USA on the 19th June 2018 [6] I am now focusing on making contributions with members of the EJOLTS community and 5 other communities to the 7th Annual Conference of the Action Research Network of the Americas, 26-28 June 2019 in Montreal [7]. [ You can access my thoughts on the 10th December 2018][8] on my question: 'How can i~we enhance my~our contribution to Living Theory research as a global social movement with values that carry hope for the flourishing of humanity?'

You can access my keynote to the 2018 ALARA Congress on The Action Learning, Action Research Experiences of Professionals from [9].

You can access the report on the above workshop on 'Where do we go from here in contributing to ‘The Action Learning and Action Research Legacy for Transforming Social Change?' to the 2018 ALARA Congress from [10].