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Hi I am Jason Hocknell-Nickels and my living-theory is seeking to bring loving kindness into my professional practice as a change coach, as well as within my life in general. This is important because living my values gives rise to a sense of authenticity. This is important for a number of reasons, not least because most of those that work in complex, cultural transformation, as coaches and change agents, have noticed that our 'presence' or 'being' seems linked to the effectiveness of any interventions per se.

Next, I am also deeply interested in co-operative inquiry as one method for helping the various teams and groups that I coach. I really like co-operative inquiry as a form of action research for three key reasons. Firstly, I like the radical epistemology as I've found this is both practical and powerful in equal merit. Secondly, viewing research as an activity 'with' rather than 'on' people speaks to me of a participatory approach that resonates with my values; and is an neat way to co-create dialogial spaces that embody loving kindness meaning that people can be and express their full selves giving rise to the potential for radical inclusion. Lastly, I met Peter Reason when I did some action inquiry at CARRP at Bath University some 15-years ago, and this is where I first met Jack Whitehead.

Next, in terms of what I mean by embodied values I see my values as intrinsic motivational, purposeful and important attitudes that give rise to personal judgements. I see my values as constellating along an ethical matrix that help me to choose or select a course of action. These actions can and are evaluated from my ethical ground and when negated give rise to associated feelings of regret, shame, guilt and embarrassment. Likewise, when these values are lived in action this also gives rise to feelings of authenticity and wellbeing. There is a sense of living a 'good life'. However, my values constellate in the moment of action and are often experienced by me as being in creative tension with other values. This gives rise to ethical dilemmas and a cause for deeper reflection prior to significant action.

Lastly,I have just submitted a PhD proposal paper to Cumbria University as a living-theorist and I've also submitted a paper to EJOLT for peer review. This paper is entitled ['Learning to Feel the Presence of Kairos: My Living Theory Account']http://ejolts.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=216. Go on and have a quick look? Although writing in this new academic style/standard has been demanding.. it has been life-affirming and indeed strengthens me as a writer/researcher.