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I am sitting here with the prospect of contributing to my living theory community from my emersion in the Adlerian approach to life in which I seek to live consistency with my values. What this mean to me in terms of empathic resonance with others impacts and nourishes my motivation to explore and seek an new depth of awareness and understanding as I seek to create original knowledge. As I engage I am appreciating the relationships in which I experience feelings and sensations of being connected with this living theory community and capable of contributing. When I feel the resonance of my contributions as valued and appreciated I am discovering that my courage to be imperfect grows and believe this growth and embodiment of the Crucial Cs is conducive to the flourishing of humanity in the way I express my values and hear accounts of inspiring others to engage social interest as self-care.

Hi Margaret (from Jack 30/08/18) - [I gave a presentation] on the 27th August to a conference on dialogues between ontology and epistemology in which I included the video of your presentation at the research students' conference on the 12th July at the University of Cumbria. In my research I'm integrating insights on social interest and community feeling from the work of Adler that you introduced me to.