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6 February 2019

The Celebratory Bowl, Supporting Hands and Offerings


Dear Fellow Research Practitioners

An Invitation to a Gathering – Saturday 13th April 2019

My intention in hosting a gathering is for it to be a co-created event through participation within the relational dynamic of each individual’s constellation of values and understandings. My own values focus on loving kindness. Loving kindness refers to my constellation of values together with the intention to offer an environment whereby our individual and collective inquiries may be nurtured in the company of one another. The gathering may hold an opportunity for us to explore, both individually and collectively, the potential for the field of Living Theory to emerge as a social movement as we simultaneously research our own practices.

On 4th February 2017 I hosted the CARN study day/Pre Conference workshop in Batheaston in preparation for the 1st Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy in Cartegena on 16th June 2017 organised by ARNA. As a gathering of members of the Bath Conversation Café, we included multi-screen skype participations and living-posters to extend the influence of research practitioners who were not able to be present in person. Preparations for the ARNA conference to be held in Montreal in June 2019 are underway and as some members of the Living Theory Community are intending to attend, we may wish to make contributions.

Should you wish to participate and would like to contribute, next steps will follow after our next conversation on 8 February 2019.

Yours, Rachael

  • The Celebratory Bowl was created to commemorate 20 years of the Carers’ Centre in Bath.