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The purpose of the Living Theory Wiki is to offer an alternative channel into the understanding of Living Theory research, taking advantage of the hyperlinked relationship between ideas.


Commitment and scope

The Educational Journal of Living Theories (EJOLTs) is committed to publishing living-educational-theory (often shortened to living-theory) accounts of practitioner-researchers from a wide range of global, social, cultural and professional contexts. The journal welcomes submissions from all Living Educational Theory (often shortened to Living Theory) researchers who wish to contribute rigorous and valid accounts of their living-theories to improving educational knowledge.

The journal focuses on the living-theories of practitioner-researchers. Researchers generate their living-theories as their values-based "... explanations for their educational influences in their own learning, the learning of others and the learning of social formations" (Whitehead, 1989[[1]] in the process of researching questions of the kind How do I improve what I am doing and live my values as fully as I can in the process? The values at the heart of Living Educational Theory research (often shortened to Living Theory research) are the life-enhancing values that are relational and ontological, in the sense that they give meaning and purpose to the lives of individuals and groups. They are values that carry hope for the future of humanity, such as love, freedom, justice, compassion, courage, care and democracy.

A Glossary for use in living-theories can be found here.

The Tenth Anniversary Edition

The June 2018 edition of EJOLTs will mark the tenth anniversary since the first publication in 2008. This notable anniversary offers an opportunity for the EJOLTS community to pause from its usual activities within the journal and to reflect on the accomplishments of the past decade. An obvious focus for that reflection would be to ask the question: "How is EJOLTs contributing to the evolution of educational research?" while bearing in mind that well-known and perennial 'hot potato' of a question: "Just what is educational about educational research?"

As a response to these questions, we are suggesting that the tenth anniversary edition of EJOLTs in June 2018 could take the form of a review that is produced through a collaborative effort by the EJOLTs community. This Wiki of Living Educational Theory - consisting of contributions from the perspective of individual's living-educational-theories - is the result. It is being created by the EJOLTs community as a collaborative effort spread over time.

Wiki of Living Educational Theory


This Wiki - as a three-dimensional hyperlinked structure - consists of contributions that may be loosely sorted under the three headings: 'It', 'I', and 'We', which exist within a continuous series of hierarchical levels.

  • The 'It' surface levels: objective definitions giving Living Theory researchers' understandings of the words that make up contributors' shared vocabulary.
  • The 'I' intermediate levels: uses insights from personal practice to give living meaning to researchers' claims to knowledge based on the vocabulary of the 'It' level.
  • The 'We' deeper levels: represented by the dialectical engagement of contributors in forming new shared meanings from the individual insights offered at the 'I' level.

The 'It' level can largely be accessed via the links in the 'EJOLTS' paragraph above.

N.B. This Wiki operates as a strict wiki only in the 'It' areas; in all other areas, it operates as a conventional website with hyperlinked pages. However, the intention is for it to offer contributors the option to move beyond the standard wiki injunction of "No Original Research" and to show how their own living theory enquiries can grow from the definitions laid down in the 'It' layers of the site.

Focus Questions

Previous discussions within the EJOLTs community have suggested that contributors should each identify a good-quality 'Focus Question' that defines their personal living-theory perspective within this collaborative endeavour. Links to these texts are below.

Anat Anira Arianna

Branko Caitriona
Jack Jackie jekan John
Joy Máirín Marie Moira
Pete Pip Rachael Swaroop
Ben Judy Margaret Jerome
Robyn Iris Giulia Paula
Liz Julie Jason Elly
Mark Sonia Shelagh William
Andrew Nicoletta

The 'I' level can largely be accessed via the links that lead from this list of individual Contributors.

The 'We' level will emerge over time when the first two levels are established.

Becoming a Contributor

You need to register a username and password of your choice in order to edit pages and to create new wiki pages. Please study the instructions pages and the short video tour [2] so that you can become familiar with the skills required.

If you remain bewildered about where to start or what to do next, have a look at the FAQ pages, where you will find contributors' questions and the solutions that others offer.

Do not forget to log in when you wish to create or edit pages.